Nature & environment in Virovitica

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Virovitica is the city of long history, situated on the important traffic directions; in the place where Bilogora Hill transfers in the fertile Panonian lowland; on the spot where Slavonia connects with Podravina and where you can here different expressions and accents.

Written history says that herceg Koloman in the year 1234. gives to the citizens of the “great city” (‘magna villa Wereucha’) many different benefits and that the king Bela IV right in this place issues “Zlatna bula” which the City of Zagreb gains the status of free royal city. After the departure of the Ottomans in the end of 17 century, begins the new age of the development of the City of Virovitica on all fields. Strong development during the 18 century witnesses Franciscan Monastery and Saint Rok Church which interior is falls between the greatest examples of the baroque art in continental Croatia, and especially Pejačević Palace-imposing example of baroque architecture. Pejacevic family in the year 1804 build the castle with baroque-classicistic features surrounded with the city park. Important monument of the 19 century is the building of the First Croatian Savings completely built in accordance with the Vienna construction standards and elegant historic features.

Today, Virovitica is the City with 22.000 citizens and it is the center of Virovitica-podravina County. It has a great offer of many different museum, theatre, concert, and tradition and sport activities. In the vicinity of the city, there are many wine-rich hills with the view towards the wide lowlands and specially preserved Virovitica Lakes which is perfect for recreation and sport fishing.

The whole space from the Bilogora hill forest until the Drava River which represents the border with the Republic of Hungary, offers great possibilities especially to the hunters because it is rich in different species of high and low wildlife.

Virovitica is easily connected with other attractive localities on the wide area of Virovitica-podravina County as Papuk Nature Park, arboretum Lisicine or Drava River. With all of its advantages and with the good traffic and rail connection, Virovitica represents very attractive and easily accessible tourist destination.