Entrepreneurial Zone III


According to Forbes, the City of Virovitica is on the 10. place regarding business activities among all of the cities in Croatia. That excellent result, taking into consideration the fact that there are 126 cities in Croatia, is because of continuous investment in development of economic activities in the City. By its proactive politics of development as well as the Program of incentives for entrepreneurs, the City of Virovitica becomes attractive place for investment. New investors mean new working places and because of that, economy activities grow and achieve overall development of the city and its surroundings.

Entrepreneurial Zone III is one of eight planned zones of the City of Virovitica from which four are completely built and one partially. Built infrastructure, water, electricity, gas, sewage and telephone, preferential prices of parcels and incentives for paying communal contribution are a great way to attract new investors into Entrepreneurial Zone III.

Entrepreneurial Zone III has built infrastructure, water, gas, electricity, sewage and telephone but more investments are needed for the construction of access roads for all parcels in the Zone. Construction of roads Entrepreneurial Zone III has four phases from which first and third phase are finalized, and it is needed to finish second and fourth phase of the project. Each construction phase encompasses construction of all traffic surfaces and communal installations, together with all objects including the green area in the Zone.

Continuous investment into development of infrastructure in entrepreneurial zones is one extra reason why investors are coming into the zones of the City of Virovitica. Extreme quality of projects of building and equipping Zone III as well as other Zones in the City, are placing the City of Virovitica in the high place of favorable destinations for investors. By extra incentive measures and existing infrastructure, entrance of investors into the Zone is low-risk due to incentives, discounts, potential partnerships with the companies in the Zone and also because of the help of Administrative Departments of the City of Virovitica and especially Administrative Department for Economy and Development.

Attraction of new investors is definitely positively influenced by experiences of existing investors in the Zones who are cooperating with the City and say that it is extremely professional. It is very important to mention that total surface of the land in entrepreneurial zones is in the ownership of the City of Virovitica 1/1 which is very important since it simplifies the process of investment.
There are currently five companies in Entrepreneurial Zone III that employ 206 workers. Station for technical car inspection – Croatia Insurance employs 15 workers, Spectra-media Ltd. 72 employees, Beki Ltd. 103 employees, Electro-installations Štefanić 5 employees, and Herbea Company 11 employees.

Equipment of Entrepreneurial Zone III

Main purpose of investment into entrepreneurial zones of the City of Virovitica is to foster economy development through starting new businesses. To insure adequate conditions for businesses, main precondition is the construction of quality communal infrastructure that enables effective business activities. Entrepreneurial Zone III, as well as other Zones of the City of Virovitica are next to the main traffic roads that are well connected to important traffic directions, and communal infrastructure is carried out to them. Communal infrastructure in Zone III encompasses water, sewage, electricity connection and street-lightning. There is also distribution telecommunication net, telephone and Internet connection. Traffic infrastructure includes roads inside the Zone III that are built towards the main road direction, and also access roads that are partially built. Zone III has direct exit to Vukovarska Street that is connected to city bypass road toward Kutina and Barcs, and Vinkovacka Street that is connected to Podravska highway towards Zagreb and Osijek. Location of the Zone III on the south edge of the City of Virovitica enables regular traffic without traffic crowds.

Location of the Entrepreneurial Zone III


Entrepreneurial Zone III is located in the south part of the city of Virovitica with easy access to most important traffic directions that are connecting Virovitica with the rest of Croatia. It includes Podravska Highway towards Zagreb-Osijek, city bypass road toward Hungary and highway A3 towards Zagreb and central and coastal Croatia or towards east by A5 heading Osijek. Zone III is located by Vukovarska street that goes by the south part of the Zone, while from the east and west is bordered by Ivan Zajc Street and Zlatno polje street.

Total surface of Entrepreneurial Zone III is 26,1 ha, from which 50,4%, is sold to investors, that is 12,2 ha. Favorable position of the Zone III, as well as its equipment and all of the incentives, are great opportunity for investment and business activities.
By City-planning Scheme „JUG I“in Entrepreneurial Zone III there are 48 construction parcels. Allocation of the land is production-business. Total surface of construction parcels is 260.000 m2. Beside construction parcels in the Zone, there are 5.801 m² that are protective green area, and 64.011 m² for traffic and infrastructure surface.


Total surface of the Zone is 329.812 m². average surface of construction parcel is 6.746,8 m², minimal size of construction parcel is 3.020 m², and maximal size is 19.331 m² with 40% for construction purpose.

Picture shows construction parcels in Entrepreneurial Zone III as well as access roads. It is obvious that every construction parcel has direct exit on the roads inside the Zone from where it is easy to access main traffic roads and strategic traffic directions.