Emblem and Logotype of Virovitica

Emblem of the City of Virovitica

vtc-logo-kockicaEmblem of the City of Virovitica has half round chield rounded in the down part. Top part of the chield is in red color, and in the bottom of the chield is Bilogora Hill in green color with the lion standing straight up turned in right. Front legs of the lion are upraised. In right paw there is a silver, rounded saber and the left paw is slightly down. Tail is bended and raised in the line with a head. Tongue and the paws of the lion are specially emphasized. The lion is in gold yellow color which is notable on the red and green color of the shield.

The flag of the City of Virovitica is squared shape in white color. The emblem of the City of Virovitica is in the middle of the flag so that the central point of the emblem is in line with the crossing point of diagonals of the flag.

Logotype of the City of Virovitica