Average annual temperature in the City is around 10 Celsius degrees which positively influences on life and work of people it is not too hot or too cold. Considering temperature changes, it is important to emphasize that there are years when winter and summer temperatures surprise.

Since our city is situated in lowland area surrounded on one side by Bilogora Hill widely open towards north and Drava valley, there are north winds blowing in this area. During the winter very cold east wind is blowing. North winds are blowing mostly in cold time of the year so it is much harder to bear the winter.

As cold winter days are hard to bear for Virovitica citizens, also, hot summers with no wind are not easy to take. Besides that, it is also negatively influencing agricultural activities. During summer days, there are also strong and sudden weather changes, that is, summer storms. Strong winds are especially dangerous. Fortunately, these kinds of storms are very rare.